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Alice Brutova (ID445)
I'm here to find my soulmate
Female, 40 y.o., Ukraine, Pervomaisk
Seeking man 34-50 y.o.
for Pen Pal, Friendship, Romance, Marriage
Online: 01 November 2012
About Me Seeking About Me Seeking
Specialty/Occupation Retail/ Food Service Height 170 ft 160-210 ft
Education Level Masters Degree   Weight 62 lbs 60-110 lbs
Marital Status Separated  Divorced Body type Slim  
Do you have children? No   Do You Drink? Yes - Sometimes  Yes - Sometimes
Want children Yes  Yes Do You Smoke? No  Yes - Sometimes
Employment Status Full-time   Ethnicity White / Caucasian  
Annual Income 20.000 to 40.000 euro Nationality Australians  
Home Type Apartment/Flat (Owner) Religion Christianity - Catholicism  
Would You Like to Relocate Not Sure Not Sure Zodiac Sign Sagittarius  
Languages Spoken English English Pets No pets  
English Language Ability Fluent  Some Friends about Me: Genuine, Sweet, Perspective
Russian Language Ability None  

Describe yourself

I'm either really shy, or very talkative. always caring, easy going, trustworthy, sometimes way too crazy and stubborn - but who isn't at times/Interests: beach, socializing, exercising - just need more motivation sometimes, travelling, shopping, outdoors, walking,and a big passion for photography. I've always got one of my cameras with me.

Describe Your Ideal Match

I'm here to try to find what pretty much everyone is after, my soul mate, my best friend, someone who'll be always there by my side no matter what... So if you are here for the same thing, and not expecting some hot bombshells,or model looking youngsters, but happy just with the girl next door with a personality then i'd love to hear from you. I'm not perfect, so don't expect a a supermodel, ohhh and i'm certainly not here for any passports.. I'm def NOT after someone who sits around 5 star hotels on their business trips, sipping cocktails by the pool,and have nothing better to do then pretend they are so awesomely nice, but at the same time are really after the looks that can be showed off on fancy cocktail parties. So if you are this typo, then i think you better move on to the next profile. Sorry - just trying to save you some more money, so you can buy all the things that make u happy! The things I'm after are priceless!

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