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Татьяна Лебедева (ID454)
Beautiful, romantic!
Female, 35 y.o., Ukraine, Kerch
Seeking man 30-45 y.o.
for Romance, Marriage
Online: 08 November 2012
About Me Seeking About Me Seeking
Specialty/Occupation Executive/ Management Military Height 176 ft 176-194 ft
Education Level Bachelors Degree  Masters Degree Weight 63 lbs 74-112 lbs
Marital Status Divorced   Body type Slim  Heavyset
Do you have children? No   Do You Drink? Yes - Sometimes  Yes - Sometimes
Want children Yes  Yes Do You Smoke? No  
Employment Status Full-time  Full-time Ethnicity White / Caucasian  
Annual Income less than 20.000 euro Nationality Ukrainians  
Home Type Apartment/Flat Apartment/Flat (Owner) Religion Christianity - Orthodoxy  
Would You Like to Relocate Yes No Zodiac Sign Cancer  
Languages Spoken English, Russian English, Russian Pets Fishes  
English Language Ability Good  Good Friends about Me: Affectionate, Romantic, Easy going, Sweet
Russian Language Ability Fluent  

Describe yourself

Hello, my name is Tanusha! I like to cook! I go in for sports! I love nature, sea, mountains, forest!!!! I speak English.

Describe Your Ideal Match

Clever, serious, kind, high! Persons interested to create strong family!!!!!!

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